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Date Title Event/Context Place
2024.05.08 Interlinking Cultural Heritage Data with Community-driven Principles and Standards PIA Lecture Series Basel, Switzerland
2024.02/03 Introduction to Open Data 16-hour lecture given as part of the Bachelor of Information Science curriculum at the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HEG de Genève) Carouge, Switzerland
2024.02.13 LOUD : Catalyseur de Convergence Conférence internationale sur les humanités numériques (CIHN24) Carouge, Switzerland
2024.02.13 LOUD: Catalyst of Convergence International Conference on Digital Humanities (CIHN24) Carouge, Switzerland
2023.12.19 Interconnected Resources on the Web: Unveiling Cultural Heritage through Linked Open Usable Data G3S Noon-Talk Online
2023.11.01 Linked Open Usable Data for Cultural Heritage Colloquium “Trends in Digital Humanities” Basel, Switzerland
2023.10.20 LOUD APIs DARIAH-CH Study Day 2023 Bern, Switzerland
2023.09.20 Summary of the survey report Linked Art Call Online
2023.08.31 Situating Interlinked Cultural Heritage Data on the Web STS-CH 2023 Conference Basel, Switzerland
2023.08.31 Créer des API ouvertes - les pratiques et le tissu social des communautés IIIF et Linked Art LibreABC Geneva, Switzerland
2023.06.26 Les données ouvertes liées et utilisables (LOUD): les protocoles IIIF et Linked Art Humanistica 2023 Geneva, Switzerland
2023.06.08 The LOUD Social Fabrics of IIIF 2023 IIIF Conference Naples, Italy
2023.04.04 The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF): community-driven standards to deliver, view and annotate digital objects DH@Universtiy of Bern Lecture Bern, Switzerland
2023.02.20 Machine Learning-based Annotations Embedded into IIIF Presentation API 3.0 Resources: Use Case from the PIA Research Project IIIF Meeting at the Zentralbibliothek Zurich Zurich, Switzerland
2023.02.01 PhD Midway Meeting PhD Meeting with supervisors Online
2023.01.25 The intersection of Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) and IIIF resources IIIF Community Call Online
2022.11.23 Linked Open Usable Data (LOUD) Research & Infrastructure Support (RISE) Internal Talk Basel, Switzerland
2022.11.07 Implementation of the IIIF Presentation API 3.0 based on Software Support International Conference on Digital Heritage (EuroMed 2022) Limassol, Cyprus
2022.11.02 Linked Art at the Participatory Knowledge Practices in Analogue and Digital Image Archives (PIA) Research Project Linked Art Call Online