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Overview of the IIIF Community

The International Image Interoperablity Framework (IIIF) is a community-driven effort which is sometimes rather confusing to grasp quickly given the number of different committees, groups and denominations involved.

I have tried to provide an overview of the different actors showing the relationships and sometimes the deliverables. I hope this diagram (click here to see a bigger version in SVG) will help anyone to better appreciate who is involved within this community, led by a consortium (IIIF-C).

IIIF Community Overview)

These different entities are composed of individuals, mainly from institutions who have implemented IIIF and/or are part of IIIF-C, the community map is a good resource to look at. If you don’t see a dot on the map and you are involved in the community, please let the IIIF-C staff members know and they will add it.

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